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Lipo Váser HD
LipoVáser HD

HD LipoVaser

It is an effective procedure that allows a body reshaping, removing adiposities that are often hereditary and difficult to eliminate only with exercises and diets.

The main advantage of this new technique is that a more precise and far-reaching body remodeling is achieved than with the classic deep LIposuction. The problem with traditional liposuction is that it leaves a thick fatty flap, leaving the skin saggy. With the latest technology HD Lipovásser, we extract the superficial fat, at the same time that we leave the skin thin and retracted, in order to adhere to the muscles, creating curves and well-defined body contouring.

This procedure allows the fat to be removed precisely where we want, it is performed for the reduction of adiposities in the buttocks to mold them, in legs to define their contour, in the hips with excessive accumulations of fat, in the abdomen in order to define the abs and get the long-awaited Addominal Dial.

Abdominal Marking

Abdominal marking is a surgery that the objective is to ensure that the skin adheres to the abdominal wall, making it possible to visualize each structure of the treated area and with the use of the Lipo-Laser, HD, better results are obtained, with minimal risks, without pain, little inflammation and without bruises, since there is no injury to blood vessels or nerves. Abdominal Marking shapes the body so that it looks athletic, highlighting the shapes of the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles.


Tummy tuck

It is a surgical procedure in which cosmetic surgery of the abdomen is performed to tighten the loose skin and repair the weakened muscles of the abdominal wall, this is not a surgical procedure for overweight.

With the Abdominoplasty a flatter, firmer abdomen is achieved, it improves the stretch marks to some extent (not totally since the stretch marks are scars of the skin produced by voluminous pregnancies or by abrupt decrease in weight).

This surgery is indicated in those women who with extra pregnancies have formed extra skin due to the expansion of the rectus abdominis muscles, due to the growth of the baby in the last 3 months, which is where this skin develops the most and after delivery loosens up. It is also indicated in patients who have been overweight and have undergone a gastric baypass or abruptly lowered, leaving the skin sagging and hanging.


Buttock Augmentation

with Prosthesis


Buttock implant augmentation is the most effective and recommended method for those whose body has little projection and does not have excess fat on the lower trunk, buttocks, thighs and anatomical regions where the human body It normally stores excess body fat, in order to extract it.

Having attractive buttocks is one of the most desired attributes that a woman can have. It is a sign of youth, of being fit and giving it its sensual touch.

The buttock augmentation procedure using the own fat, is the IDEAL method compared to others, because the fat transfer not only adds volume, lifts, improves the shape, the contour of the buttocks, but also improves the general quality of the skin by reducing cellulite, the buttock looks more natural and the most important thing is that artificial materials or prostheses are not used

If you want to get sensual curves and an attractive body, buttock augmentation using your natural fat is the best option.

Depending on your goals and expectations, this technique has its advantages over other buttock implant options.


Buttock Augmentation

with fat lipotransference

Retiro de Biopolímeros

Biopolymer removal

Biopolymers can produce a series of reactions in the furrows and expression lines of the face. Also in the buttocks generating spots, hardening, inflammation and even infection capable of lasting months and years. These in turn can migrate once infiltrated and reach nearvby areas such as the cheeks and cheekbones if injected into the face. The hips back, thighs and calves if injected into the buttocks. What is undoubtedly very detrimental to the quality of life of patients

Another consequence of biopolymers are allergies, fibrosis, injuries and changes in the texture of the skin.

Our goal is always to extract as much as possible, but it is never possible to remove them in their entirety. Each case must be analyzed individually, on average they can be reduced by 60% to 80%, this depends on the degree of tissue compromise vital on the face and body.

We use non-invasive, scar-free techniques for the extraction of biopolymers.

Retiro de biopolímeros glúteos
Prótesis Mamaria

Breast Prosthesis

For breast augmentation, we use smooth or textured, round or anatomical cohesive silicone soft gel implants. These implants have great flexibility offering absolute naturalness. They are guaranteed for life, do not lose their shape or consistency and do not present any type of health risk.

Breast augmentation by VIA AXILAR
It has several advantages. The most notorious is the fact that the scar is hidden in a natural wrinkle in the armpit, which makes it practically invisible over time. There an inscription is made through which the breast tissue is lifted creating a pocket or space, directly behind the pectoral muscle, to place the prosthesis and thus avoid damaging the anatomy and functionality of the mammary gland. Another advantage is that doctors can control bleeding during the intervention, reducing the possibility of bruising, seromas and capsular contracture. Recovery is faster so reincorporation to your daily tasks is faster.

Breast augmentation by VIA PERI-AREOLAR

When the fall of the breast is of slight degree and it is not necessary to eliminate skin.

An incision is made around the areola by removing the surrounding skin (usually used to reduce its size if necessary) by performing the “round-block”, and the areola is repositioned in a superior position, correcting the fall of the nipple areola complex. .



Breast lift or Pexia Breast is a surgical procedure in which a minimal incision is made around the areola or vertically up to the breast groove, the new position of the areola and nipple are restored, the amount of excess skin is removed and the breast is contoured. In most cases it is necessary to reshape the mammary gland to give it a proper shape and height. In many cases, the size of the areola can be reduced and if the breast is too fallen, it is necessary to make one more incision in the submammary sulcus.

If the breasts have lost volume, apart from being saggy, the placement of a prosthesis combined with the breast lift may be recommended, to increase both firmness and size of the breasts.

Mastopexy presents a degree of satisfaction for the patient, since it improves their aesthetic and psychological appearance, raising the person's self-esteem.

Rejuvenecimiento Vaginal
Rejuvenecimiento vagonal

Vaginal rejuvenation

Female Intimate Surgery leaves very satisfactory results for patients, improving their self-esteem and sexual relations.


This surgery is indicated in those patients who have the labia minora too large, asymmetrical or hanging, this procedure consists specifically in removing the excess of all the secondary tissue of the labia minora, returning them to their most functional and aesthetic size, without their protective function or sensitivity are affected.


It allows to reconstruct the posterior wall of the vagina, removing a surplus of vaginal mucosa and adjusting the muscles of the same, in order to narrow the vaginal canal. Similarly, in women who have had several births and have lost muscle tone in the vaginal area, a perineum repair is performed, tightening the skin and the muscles of the same to achieve closure of the vagina.


Genetic factors, weight loss and age can be factors that cause the reduction of the labia majora, therefore the increase in them can be done with fat extracted from any part of the body, processed and injected into the area or can perform by placing hyaluronic acid


THE HYMENOPLASTY A is a surgical process by which the hymen is restored.

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